Online Marketplaces for Magento

New Ebook about how Magento site operators can increase the revenue generated by their Ecommerce operations by adding a 3rd party online marketplace. 

Online Marketplaces for Magento Ebook Cover

55% of Ecommerce in 2019 will be influenced by an Online Marketplace.

Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and countless others have already proven that the Online Marketplace model works. Rapidly expanding product and category assortment without the risk of carrying inventory or the cost of running/expanding a pick-and-pack operation is an attractive proposition. The kind of thing that sees an organization leapfrog it's competition if done properly.

In this Ebook, the following questions are answered:

  • What is an Online Marketplace?
  • What are the types of Online Marketplace model?
  • What are some existing Marketplaces that are already proving the model?
  • Who should consider starting an Online Marketplace?
  • How do I get started planning an Online Marketplace?
  • Why is the Mirakl Marketplace platform a good fit for Magento?

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Online Marketplaces for Magento

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